Increase customer satisfaction
Lower distribution cost

NESTO is a platform that uses IoT connected scale and predictive analytics to dramatically reduce distribution costs for bottled gas logistics. By improving the end-user experience (no more cold shower!), brands can increase market share, improve customer satisfaction and know them better. The predictive algorithm, associated to the fact that each NESTO scale is precisely geo-located, will allow to cut up to 60% of the distribution cost.

Our connected scale

  • No need for Wi-Fi
  • Plug & Play
  • Energy efficient (Battery operated with 4-years autonomy)
  • Works for any kind of gas
  • Weatherproof (indoor and outdoor IP68)
  • IoT connectivity (Check if you region is covered here)
  • No cash required
  • Access to historic consumption



A mobile application allows to streamline the distribution operation by indicating the shortest route and most economical route to the next customer. The platform notifies directly the customer without the need for the distributor to call them. Rescheduling in case of unplanned delivery or last minute cancelation is also handled automatically by the platform.

End users


The end user has now the possibility to:

  • Know how much gas is left in the bottle and how long it should last
  • See where the distributor is and when he will be at his door step
  • Consult their past consumption and statistics